Collection: Unveiled

Abstract botanical oil paintings

Shaune has always wondered how it was that shimmering light could pierce her senses with sensual colour and delight every fibre of her being. Being a local girl exposed to the abundant natural beauty and landscapes South Africa has to offer, these vibrant evocative colours transfix and fuel her desire to describe their very essence. Is not every day a doorway to delight? In this unfolding body of work, Shaune have been fueled by Georgia O'Keeffe's statement that we can get at the real meaning of things through selection, elimination and emphasis.

Further guiding her exploration, she unwrapped the intangible meaning of Japanese wabi sabi.  Distilled as a beauty which reminds us that everything is impermanent, incomplete, and imperfect. Using oil and oil bars, acrylics, water-soluble pencils, gelatos, graphite and assorted mark making tools, she worked to discover each floral subject's true beauty and essence through a cycle of exclusion and nurture.

defining limitations
breeding coincidence
reflecting historical evolution
unveiling intuitive marks

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