Collection: Series 1: Fynbos Archival Prints

Fynbos fine art limited edition prints

Fynbos is a unique vegetation that makes up 80 % of the Cape Floral Kingdom, ⅔ of which is found only in the Western Cape. Table Mountain hosts over 1500 plant species and has thus been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  

This specialised artist print is a reproduction of an original oil painting of South Africa’s indigenous flora. The original sold painting is much larger in scale (usually around 100 x 100 cm).

Choose between:
MEDIUM (31.5 x 31.5 cm)
LARGE (52 x 49 cm) 
EXTRA-LARGE (90 x 82 cm)

Each print is part of a limited edition
(MEDIUM /50), (LARGE /10), (EXTRA-LARGE /5)

MEDIUM is printed on archival PAPER
LARGE and EXTRA-LARGE is  printed on cotton CANVAS. Please reach out if you would prefer archival paper for either of the bigger options.

Commission an artwork

I am open to commission work, so please reach out and make contact to discuss the way forward.